Chat Guidelines

As you know there are rules for a wiki and this is that chat rules for the live chat system this is a privilege not a right so please do not abuse it and make sure you follow the rules! :)



  • Do not harass ANY user! PERM BAN
  • Do not post rude or inappropriate links! TEMP BAN
  • Do not spam! TEMP BAN
  • Do not be rude to others! TEMP BAN
  • Do not recognise anyone by there religion or culture!TEMP BAN
  • Do not talk about any rude or inappropriate topics! TEMP BAN (young kids use this wiki to!)
  • No advertising IMMEDIATE PERM BAN
  • No Sockpuppets (Multiple Accounts) If you have been banned please don't create a new account and just wait till your ban is over or we will have to take action and ban your sockpuppet account and extend your ban on your original account 
  • Do not post ANY kind of Personal Information


  • Feel free to talk to others :)
  • Feel free to joke around (make sure to limit yourself, don't cross the line!)
  • Feel free to make friends :)
  • Feel free to consult an admin about any problems including any rule breakers!